I remember when I had to recover lost pictures, I was amazed that I could preview the thumbnails of precious photos I thought I lost forever. Back in those days it was really an amazing technology. It still is, but it got better. We all say that it will never happen to us but when it does, the truth is that most of the time we are not prepared to face the consequences.
I am talking about losing photos from holidays and important moments in our lives because we had a memory card accident and accidentally erased photos or formatted the card or the card got corrupt somehow. You could lose pictures from the SD card of your Android phone for example, if you remove it while the phone performs write operations on the card. Sometimes that happens without notifying the user.

SD Cards are not protected from data loss either. A few scenarios where you could have lost your Android Phone SD Card files are:

  • Accidentally deleting the files while browsing its contents
  • Deleting of your files by a memory cleaning software
  • Interrupting the transfer from/to SD card, which can make the data inaccessible
  • Improper user/ejection of the memory card from the Android Phone

Recover lost pictures

Fortunately there are ways out of this – see how to recover picture from SD card and a quick summary in the video below.

SD card recovery from an Android phone may seem like a tricky concept. There is no SD card recovery software in the Google Play Store that seem to work- but that does not mean that you are out of options. Wondershare Data Recovery is what you can use to perform Android phone SD card recovery with the best results and without too much of a hassle.

We highly recommend you look through this Top 5 of FREE SD card recovery software for any type of unfortunate event with your SD Card.